Hazardous Area Services

Liquid, Vapour, Gas, and Dust hazardous area classification.

Electrical and mechanical equipment for hazardous areas – selection, installation and inspection.

Risk Assessment of electrical or mechanical equipment for use in hazardous areas.

Radio frequency ignition risk assessments.

Electrical installations in explosive atmospheres policy documentation.

ATEX declaration of compliance for one-off pieces of equipment.

Onshore and offshore hazardous area wellsite services

Training courses for hazardous areas designed to suit your requirements.

Why use Ex Experience Ltd.?

We are a small company, currently with two permanent Engineers (and a few associate sub-contractors), providing a combination of long experience and youthful energy  dealing only with hazardous areas and with over 32 years of engineering experience spent fully focused on this subject alone.

We have worked in many industrial sectors, including but not limited to: Oil and Gas – Production, refining, storage, and distribution, Petrochemicals, Fine chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Paints and films, Water treatment and sewage, Power generation, Distilleries, Academia, Anaerobic digestion, Hydrogen storage and distribution, Fuels technology, Airlines and airports, Ports harbours and Jetties, Resins and polymers, powder mixing and food industries etc.

We are completely impartial, we are not selling our hazardous area classification services as part of a larger project and our only concern is a pragmatic and accurate outcome. Project engineering companies might offer hazardous area classification thrown in as part of a project, but if hazardous area classification is not their area of expertise you may end up paying an un-necessarily high price for an overly cautious area classification with hazardous areas much larger than they need to be.

We have a very long list of customers who not only come back to us time and again, but they also recommend our services to others, which is why, apart from this website, you won’t see us advertising anywhere.

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